Hardest day so far..

My God today I had my hardest day so far. After 70km  my energy just gone. Had no single drop of energy left!!😪 Luckey me I had company today. Thierry and Brent from Christian Cycling. Brent is by the way the most helthy american I have met on a bicycle.. He eat carrots when he rideing.. We were also rideing through a big military base today. And we did not have many options.. Otherways we would need to take the freeway.. And to go through the base you need to show an american passport.. And I don’t have an american passport.. So we prayed to God that they would let me through. And yeah they let me through with my Swedish passport!😄 Nice day today but really HOT!!!😪😪😪 And I made a new friend today..😄 I arrived to my home for the night here in Oceanside tonight. They have a youth ministry so they had some youth meeting at their house tonight I joined.   I can’t belive that I have my last stage tomorrow! Yeah tomorrow I cross the finnish line!!!!!!!😊😎😇

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Second to last day!

Yeah tomorrow I have the last stage! Which means I will be at the mecixan boarder! Time really flyes!

We still don’t have all money that we need to the girls down in Cairo. So please I would be so thankful and happy if you would like to suppport. There are girls out there that have no safe place to sleep at. There are girls that are raped twenty times every night, woman like you and me. They need our help! Sweden: Swisch money to: 900 4037 mark it With Cilla.

Americans you can mail shecks to:
Christian Concern, P. O. Box 1818, Whittier, CA 90609. And they will make sure I get these when I’m down in L.A. Now you can also use Paypal klick on the flik donate.
Lots of loves from me and all the girls down in Cairo.❤️ We love you and appreciates your support.

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I’m in Los Angeles!

Yey today I arrived in central L.A. Today I had the most scary experience so far on my bike.. I blowed off my bike today.. I know it sounds crazy.. But there was some tornado winds coming over the coast. Superscary. But I found a lamp post to hold on to, so I’m fine. Gerald from Christian cycling met me up at the aquarium.. And I arrived at my new home😊  And we had a bath at their jacuzzi.

L.A it’s not as nice as I thought.. Here comes some pics from the ride today.Yeah it’s not that nice!

Yesterday I was really tired and desided to have a day off.  And Thanks a lot Casey for hosting me!❤️ Tomorrow further to Oceanside!

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Today powered by Mattipset!

Let me intruduce you to one of our great companys, Mattipset. It’s a catering company placed in Skara. You can find them HERE. We are so happy and thankful that you are with us, and helping us to give this young woman down in Cairo a better future. Thanks!❤️

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239 pimps arrested..👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I got an article sent ti me this morning. It’s sad.. But also amazing that they arrested 239 pimps. That’s a lot! Good work FBI!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

More than 80 children – including three from Houston – were rescued in a sweeping operation targeting sex traffickers nationwide, the FBI said Monday. 

Operation Cross Country X netted the arrests of 239 pimps and other traffickers in just three days during the multi-agency effort that included help from 55 FBI field offices and 71 state and local task forces in 106 cities.
In Houston, officers recognized a 15-year-old girl from an Internet ad – and stepped in to rescue her from performing a commercial sex act.

The youngest victim recovered in the U.S. operation was 13 years old. 
You can read the whole article HERE.

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Today’s bibelverse..

Don’t worry! Easy to say hard to do. I’m an expert about worrying about things. There are propanly no things that you can worry about that I haven’t already worrying about. But it’s very unbiblical to worry! I really love this bibleverse. It gives me peace, every time. But it’s human! I really like this bibleverse. If I could have one wish that would come true I would wish to have no worrying in my life.

Good night from Thousand Oaks! Today I had a really hardcore hill up here.. Almost so I jumped of my bike and walked.. 💤💤💤

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On my way to Thousand Oaks.

With the freeway on the left side and the sea on the right side. It’s beautiful.  I really like their big bikelines here on the freeway. Wish we had these in Sweden! 35 miles left to Thousand Oaks’

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Lovely sunday!

I went to church this morning. I have no host here who belongs to some church so I picked the closest one. Which happens to be a pentacostal church. The living faith church. A really nice church! And there I got some new friends! Erik and his wife with friends. So nice to hang out with you today!😊 I also heard that Santa Barbra is a bad area when it’s coming to sextrafficking. And people here seems to be very aware of that. You would not belive that because this is a very rich city. Seems to be a huge problem even in America. And I can feel so helpless sometimes. What can I do through my little project. But then I need tonget back to God’s word. And realize I do my part what I can do and trust that God will donthe rest. Because our God is able. He’s mighty and powerful!Amen!

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The girls shelter down in Cairo.

I haven’t been writeing so much about the project in Egypt I support through my cycling. 

The purpose with this ride is to support an organisation in Egypt called Think and do. Think and do is a partner of the swedish mission interact and have Swedish staff on location. They have operated in Egypt sience 1995. Their goal is to provide better living conditions for the people in Egypt by combating poverty.

Think and do had opening a shelter for woman and they provide a safe haven for women at risk of prostitution and sextrafficking. At the shelter the woman have different recorces availible such as counselling and vocational education and training. The aim for this is to provide a chance for the woman to earn a living if they are rejected by their families.
The objective of Ride of faith and this ride through US is to see Think and do host as many woman as possibly. The more money we can raise, the more woman can be helped.

I was there in end of May and right now we have seven women living there. They are so nice! Here comes a pic from the week when I was there. We were at the pyramides. (Can’t show their faces for saftey reasons) We really want this to grow and have a possibility to take care of more women!

If you want to support we would be so happy.  If you would like to donate money to the girls down in Cairo you can Swisch money to: 900 4037 mark it With Cilla.

Americans you can mail shecks to:
Christian Concern, P. O. Box 1818, Whittier, CA 90609. Write the sheck to Christian concern. Now you also have an opportunity to donate through paypal. Click om the link ”donate”.
Lots of loves for your support.❤️

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Flat tyre..

Puncture free tyres.. sure.. My racing tyres was much better…😡😈😩 And I had same problem as last time.. The tyre is too big for the wheel.. So I was not able to fix it. But you know I’m in America, not in Sweden.. Here all people are so nice and helpful.. After ten minutes I had two persons who offered to drive me and one cyclist who stayed and helped me.. Don’t ask how he did it.. But he fixed my bike so I could continue. Love that all people are so nice and kind.😊

So now I just arrived in Santa Barbra! Soo beautiful here!😍

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