Crater lake..

Today I had a very nice day. We were up at Crater lake. That day God made this place he had a really good day at work! 😇

And I have been meeting a lot of nice people.😊 I met Alex today!.. You maybe remember him.. The guy I met at the US boarder he’s rideing his bike down to Argentina! Here comes some pics.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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Don’t forget to look at the stars..

We just lives here on this earth once. So I really think that we should be living to the fulliest. So just Catch the day. Belive in yourself and trust God more than any person did before. Travel all over the world, but know when to stop and breathe. Love people. Always belive the best about people until prowen otherwise. Talk to the guy next to you. Learn the rules first, then explore the exceptions.  Enjoy silence. Travel light and never carry stuff that you cannot leave behind. Make mistakes and learn from them, before you put them behind you. Treat nature with vare, but use it to the fullest. Listen. Live and sleep. Not thoughtfully, without thinking too much. If there´s a beach stay. If there´s friends at the beach, stay longer. 

Explore, experience, inspiering. Use your full capacity. Surround yourself with music, books and people who convey what you belive in. Clear away the clutter and save just those things who clicks in your heart. Do not listen to no-tellers know that you can do whatever you want. Each trade means a new beginning. Let no challenge scare you. Don´t make important decisions if it´s raining. Stay for the last dance. Do things that get that tingle in stomach. Raise your eyes, walk with heads held high. Remember who you are. Follow your dreams, God would not have put a dream in your heart if he hadnt already given you everything you need to fulfill it. Keep your mouth and eyes shut sometimes, and your mind open at all times. Be impressed by fireworks, but don´t forget to look at the stars. Stop complaining over yourself. Understand that you are a perfectly made star. Understand that the grass is not greener on the other side. The more fun your life is, the more you have to give to others. Live your originals, too many dies as copies. Dedicate yourself to what you love to do. Teach others what you love. Talk about what you love. Realize that there is nothing that you can not do! The only way to start something is to START here, now, TODAY!!!

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Arrived in Klamath Falls.

Tonight I arrived in Klamath Falls. I had really good winds today and it was very flat so it was a quick ride. With an average speed closer to 30km/h, usually I ride around 20-25km/h. If I ride in the mountains I can be down on 15km/h. It was a pretty boaring way to ride on today.. Just a straight highway with a lot of trucks. And a bit foggy as you can see. All people I meet here really think it’s so weard I ride around in america on a bike myself.. I still really don’t get that.

Just had a deligious dinner at Walt and Maggie who hosting me here. Soon sleeptime here.

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It’s sooo cold…

When I woke up today it was around cero degrees. My feets and my fingers will fall off..😩😩😩

I have no gloves.. But I met these nice guy he gave me his gloves.😊So now I will hopefully survive the day. Today I have 120km to Klamath Falls. And I just had a very american breakfast..😄

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What do you sing in the shower?

Do you know there’s one thing I’m actually really good at, and That’s to shower! Honestly.. I’m a pro!😎  I should attend to the world championship in showering!😄 I sure they have it here in America. I showered for one hour tonight. And I did it with style! And I always sing in the shower. And I dance too..😄

What are you singing in the shower? When you think no one hear you. So how loud? how long? are you dancing aswell?

I really like to shower.I was sooo hungry tonight and had really hoped to have a nice dinner.. But this little place didn’t really live up to my expectations for a nice dinner. But my room is nice and the shower pretty okey😄Now it’s time for me to get some sleep. Leaving for Klamath Falls tomorrow morning. Sleep well. Kisses and hugs to all of you.

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I’m here!🚴🏻😎🚴🏻😎🚴🏻😎

Yes I’m in Chemult on 1550meter! So it’s just to donate on! I’m so worth it! I’m tierd and I’m soo cold and sooo hungry!!!!!! And I have backpain…😩It was a hard day today. I rode over the mountain and it was raining and it was very foggy. I was really cold. It took me 4hours and 50 minutes without any break.   Yes now I gonna have a hot shower and a nice dinner. Today I staying at a nicer motel than yesterday.. Yesterday was a creapy place.. And this is by the way the best sandwich I’ve eaten in my whole life!😃😃😃

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Todays ride..

Now it’s time to do some fundraising again!😊 Today I have a hard day in front of me. Over 1000m climbing. And I really need something to ride for today… So will you please give me 1 kr for every five meter I climb on my bike today. Americans  will you give mw 25cent for every five meters I climb today. Are you in??

If you are from Sweden you can Swisch money to: 900 4037 mark it With Cilla. Are you from US you can transfer money to: Bank of California, routing #122243774, account# 6806664337, Christian Consern. All money does of course go down to the vulnerable girls in Cairo. 


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Hi It’s Hatifnatt here!

Today we arrived to Oakridge. It’s seriously a bit creapy here.. Not even Cilla want’s to go outside..We are staying at a creapy motel.. It’s seriously creapy.. But as you see I have my pepperspray with me. I I will sleep with it under my pillow tonight. And look how I looks.. I’m soo dirty.. I seriously need a shower! It’s long and hard days on the bike.. Especially tomorrow we are going to ride in a storm. I hope Cilla is fast on the bike tomorrow I don’t like storms.. And I don’t like weard people!

Cilla is already in bed. I think I will go to bed to. Good night. /Hatifnatt

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